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Managing Professional Relationships: Emotional Intelligence (Part 1)

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Training Level:Introductory

This 2- part webinar series helps to reduce stress and frustration in professional (and personal relationships)--leading to greater productivity and more satisfaction on the job.  As a result of this experience you will:

  • identify your feelings more accurately and manage them more effectively
  • enhance your ability to assess other people's thoughts and feelings
  • create and maintain positive relationships, even challenging ones
  • save energy and time by understanding yourself and others on a deeper level
  • make fewer mistakes and errors in judgment
  • improve supervisory skills
  • experience less frustration at work
  • enjoy project planning, problem solving, and conversations with others

This session is part 1:  The Role of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

  • Explore the difference between IQ and EQ.
  • Describe the impact of EQ upon professional performance and organizational health.
  • Identify and discuss the four components of EQ.
  • Give two strategies for increasing EQ quotient in each component.

Part 2:  The Role of Your Behavioral Style
(Will be held on April 19 - See Managing Professional Relationships: Behavioral Style)

  • Identify your personal behavioral style through an assessment.
  • Compare strengths of the four behavioral styles.
  • Recognize how personal strengths have contributed to participants' past success.
  • Distinguish how participants' strengths can be overused and become a barrier to EQ.
  • Discuss how one can value and appeal to others' strengths without overusing one's own strengths.

Recommended Use

This 2 part webinar series can be valuable to any professional associated with your agency--especially persons in management positions.

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Content Areas:
  • Volunteers
  • Management Development/Succession Planning
  • HR Management - General Staff Recruiting, Development, and Retention
Provided By:
Sylvia Hepler
Launching Lives, LLC
phone: 717-761-5457

Sylvia Hepler, President of Launching Lives, LLC, is an executive coach with a twenty year nonprofit background based in Mechanicsburg, PA.  Her mission is to support business owners, corporate executives, and nonprofit executive staff as they solve problems, develop leadership skills, and increase balance in their lives.  Sylvia serves individuals and organizations in multiple states through individual and cluster coaching, small group facilitation, workshops, teleseminars, webinars, retreats, and keynote speeches.  Her coaching programs include:  First Class Management Skills Building; Change, Loss, and Grief; and Career Development.