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Effective Communication (with workbook)

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If a plan without action is just a dream, then  a message poorly communicated is just words. 

  •     Very few skills have as great an impact on determining a leader/manager’s success as how well they communicate their vision and plans.  Being a great communicator isn’t about being the world’s greatest speaker or writer; being a great communicator is about delivering your message in the words and manner that are best matched to your audience, whether they are employees, clients, volunteers, board members or donors.   The Effective Communication workshop will teach you how to look at all of your messages to make sure they are having the maximum impact.


    Learning Objectives:

    ·       Be able to define effective communication

    ·       Learn how to assess your intended audiences’ “listening styles”

    ·       Identify the right words, method, timing and person to deliver your message

    ·       Gain an understanding of how your word choice influences how your message is received

    ·       Be able to recognize and overcome the barriers to effective communication
    ·     Examine ways to encourage feedback (both giving and receiving)

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Content Areas:
  • Board Commitment
  • Volunteers
  • Operational Planning
  • Public Relations and Marketing
  • Partnership and Alliances - Development and Nurturing
  • Advocacy and Public Policy
  • HR Management - General Staff Recruiting, Development, and Retention
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John Rinehart
Rinehart Consulting
phone: (717) 319-1184

John Rinehart has been involved in leadership development for almost two decades.  He is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University RULE Leadership Program, and served as Vice President of the program’s Advisory Board.  John held the position of Executive Director of the Carlisle Pennsylvania based Leadership Cumberland program for seven years. He is a skilled group facilitator, team builder and public speaker, and has been contracted by many organizations to serve in these roles.  John has also worked with organizations across Pennsylvania on visioning, strategic planning, and organizational development and was recently published in “In the Company of Leaders: 40 Top leadership experts provide proven guidance for your leadership journey.”  
A 1999 graduate of Dickinson College with a Bachelor’s Degree in European History, John also is a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.  A proud father of three children, John and his wife Cheri live in Dillsburg, Pa with their youngest daughter Jonna.