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Maximize Productivity Through Facilitation Skills

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Resource Type:Live Webinar/Virtual
Training Level:Intermediate
90 mins.
02/20/2013 10:00AM

The training will encompass the three-step facilitation process:

1. Initiation Phase – The tools and structures needed to form a working group before the core activity of idea generation and prioritization.

·        Group introductions, warm-up/icebreaker.

·        Using approved group discussion questions.

·        Goal clarification.

·        Group roles – timekeeper, scribe, etc.

·        Establishing ground rules and group norms.

2. Conducting the Facilitation

·        Process tools – Several idea-generating tool options and group dynamics targeted to specific outcomes will be demonstrated. 

·        Explanation of discussion monitoring – checking for purpose and process.

·        Intervention tools for dealing with non-productive behaviors and encouraging positive group participation.

·        Decision-making and idea prioritization – Two powerful but simple tools will be demonstrated. These tools will allow the groups to quickly and effectively prioritize their lists of potential ideas.

3. Ending the Facilitation – Confirming and recording the outputs.

·        Summarizing results.

·        Documenting the groups’ response to the question or challenge.

·        Action plan for moving forward.

Participation is FREE, but advanced registration is required.


Organizations are encouraged to put together a small team made up the executive directors, staff and board members to benefit fully from the training. 


Register by emailing your interest to or contacting Mike Behney, at (717) 948-6174. Please indicate the following:


  • The name of the session you would like to attend.
  • How many participants you are registering for.
  • Names and email addresses of all participants.

Recommended Use

Anyone who facilitates groups will improve and learn what true facilitation is. Participants will acquire a menu of tools to make group facilitation successful and active

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Content Areas:
  • Board Commitment
  • Board Involvement and Support
  • Volunteers
  • Management Development/Succession Planning
  • Board Development
  • Operational Planning
  • Public Relations and Marketing
  • Partnership and Alliances - Development and Nurturing
  • Monitoring of Landscape
  • Advocacy and Public Policy
  • Program Relevance and Integration - Growth and Replication
  • New Program Development - Funding Model
  • Agency Governance - System-Based
  • Goals, Mission, and Vision - Non-Profit
  • HR Management - General Staff Recruiting, Development, and Retention
Trainer Information:
Lynda Randall
New Level Advisors, LLC
phone: 717-478-1738

Lynda Randall is a partner in New Level Advisors LLC, a consulting company. Her passion is helping to transform workplace cultures through leadership and team work. She is an experienced executive coach. Lynda has extensive experience in developing and implementing programs for non-profit organizations. She has facilitated strategic planning teams, search committees, advisory committees, and has helped organizations create productive, high-energy environments. She has presented workshops on The Five Dysfunctions of a Team; Bullying in the Workplace; Conflict Resolution Skills for Students in College Leadership; and Leadership Principles of Athena Leaders.

Lynda has a Master’s Degree in Education and extensive teaching and training experience in positions including adjunct professor at York College of Pennsylvania, adult trainer at Family Child Resources, and Director of Adult Education at Junior Achievement, where she developed her unique team building workshop.

As a consultant to the J.D. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship at York College, Lynda helped to launch The Women’s Business Center; started the Women’s Business Center Organization, which meets monthly to educate women on best practices in business; the Mentor Network; and has helped to develop a Corporate Board Training Institute.

Lynda has been awarded the 2010 Athena Award for Leadership by the York County Chamber of Commerce; York MS Leadership Class of 2012; Central Penn Business Journal Women of Influence 2012.

Lynda currently serves on the Susan P. Byrnes Health Education Center Board of Directors and Leadership Committee; Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center Governance Committee; SIFE Board; Athena Committee; Distinguished Young Woman volunteer; Board of Directors of the YWCA; Council of Entrepreneurs, and is a member of the York County Alliance and MASCPA.

Her clients have included: Cultural Alliance of York; York County Community Foundation; Mainline Medical Practice; York College; New Standard Corp.; Health Education Center; and Shippensburg Small Business Development Center. Workshops: Central Penn College; York College; Women’s Network of York; Hanover Chamber of Commerce; PA State Human Resource Annual Meeting. She has delivered programs to: York County Economic Development Corporation, Bank of Hanover, Harley Davidson, Penn State University, Harrisburg School District, West Shore School District Board of Directors, Southeastern School District and Red Lion School District Administration.