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Death by Meeting

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Resource Type:Books/CDs/DVDs
Training Level:Reference
Patrick Lencioni (Author)
Jossey Bass

The learner will:

  • understand what makes a meeting effective/ineffective
  • understand the elements needed to plan and conduct a meeting

Recommended Use

All levels in an organization would benefit from reading this simple and effective book.

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Content Areas:
  • Board Commitment
  • Volunteers
  • Management Development/Succession Planning
  • Agency Governance - System-Based
  • Agency Governance - Non-Profit
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John Rinehart
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John Rinehart has been involved in leadership development for almost two decades.  He is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University RULE Leadership Program, and served as Vice President of the program’s Advisory Board.  John held the position of Executive Director of the Carlisle Pennsylvania based Leadership Cumberland program for seven years. He is a skilled group facilitator, team builder and public speaker, and has been contracted by many organizations to serve in these roles.  John has also worked with organizations across Pennsylvania on visioning, strategic planning, and organizational development and was recently published in “In the Company of Leaders: 40 Top leadership experts provide proven guidance for your leadership journey.”  
A 1999 graduate of Dickinson College with a Bachelor’s Degree in European History, John also is a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.  A proud father of three children, John and his wife Cheri live in Dillsburg, Pa with their youngest daughter Jonna.