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Managing Professional Relationships: Behavioral Style (Part 2)

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Resource Type:Live Webinar/Virtual
Training Level:Introductory
60 mins.
06/14/2013 1:00PM

This 2- part webinar series helps to reduce stress and frustration in professional (and personal relationships)--leading to greater productivity and more satisfaction on the job. As a result of this experience you will:

identify your feelings more accurately and manage them more effectively
enhance your ability to assess other people's thoughts and feelings
create and maintain positive relationships, even challenging ones
save energy and time by understanding yourself and others on a deeper level
make fewer mistakes and errors in judgment
improve supervisory skills
experience less frustration at work
enjoy project planning, problem solving, and conversations with others

Part 1: The Role of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) was held on April 12, 2013
This session is Part 2: The Role of Your Behavioral Style 
Identify your personal behavioral style through an assessment.
Compare strengths of the four behavioral styles.
Recognize how personal strengths have contributed to participants' past success.
Distinguish how participants' strengths can be overused and become a barrier to EQ.
Discuss how one can value and appeal to others' strengths without overusing one's own strengths.

Register by emailing your interest to or contacting Mike Behney, at (717) 948-6174. Please indicate the following:

-The name of the session you would like to attend.
-How many participants you are registering for.
-Names and email addresses of all participants.

Both Webinars are free but there is a charge for the DiSC behavioral style assessment related to this session regarding behavioral style. Please mail your $15 check for the online assessment to Skip Brown at: Connect Synergy, Box 164, Boiling Springs, PA 17007
Make check payable to Connect Synergy 

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  • HR Management - General Staff Recruiting, Development, and Retention
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Skip Brown
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Skip Brown is CONNECTSYNERGY’s owner and principal consultant. Skip provides results-based organizational development and training services. These include virtual workshops and long-term on site consulting tailored to your needs. Skip specializes in helping your organization work together. Skip’s passion is helping staff, the executive director, board, committees, and volunteers achieve the mission of the agency. Skip’s expertise helps your organization: (1) determine your priorities, (2) develop your best structure, (3) improve working relationships, and (4) apply effective ways to measure your organization’s success.


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