PCCD Office of Victims Services - Capacity Building Portal Training

7 Steps to Managing Risk: How to Develop a Plan That Works


90 mins.


1.  Identify various types of organizational risks.
2.  Describe strategies for prioritizing those risks.
3.  Identify and describe 7 steps for creating a viable risk management plan.
4.  Discuss the top 3 reasons why a risk management plan is essential.

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  • Management of Legal and Liability Matters
  • Operational Planning

Sylvia Hepler
Launching Lives, LLC
phone: 717-761-5457

Sylvia Hepler, President of Launching Lives, LLC, is an executive coach with a twenty year nonprofit background based in Mechanicsburg, PA.  Her mission is to support business owners, corporate executives, and nonprofit executive staff as they solve problems, develop leadership skills, and increase balance in their lives.  Sylvia serves individuals and organizations in multiple states through individual and cluster coaching, small group facilitation, workshops, teleseminars, webinars, retreats, and keynote speeches.  Her coaching programs include:  First Class Management Skills Building; Change, Loss, and Grief; and Career Development.